After Life

Episode 4

(Season 3, Episode 4)

Series: After Life

Air Date: 2022-01-14

Language: English

Genre: N/A

Networks: Netflix


Matt searches for a sport at which he can beat Tony, Lenny asks Tony to be his best man, and Kath has dinner with a persnickety teacher.

Guest Starts :

Anne Ramsay, David Paluck, Joe Carroll, Duncan Joiner, David Warshofsky, Adam Rodríguez, Sarah Charipar, Gabrielle Byndloss, Jason Burkey, Curtis Edward Jackson, Brandon Sutton, Tyler Richardson, Michelle Lukiman, Brooke Jaye Taylor, Lee Wesley, Matthew Rimmer, Amelie Young, Penelope Young, Sir Brodie, Savage Houston, Vince Canlas, Teresa L. Graves, John Gluck