Ask This Old House

Pizza Oven Repair, What Is It?

(Season 20, Episode 39)

Series: Ask This Old House

Air Date: 2022-08-04

Language: English

Genre: Reality-TV, Talk-Show

Networks: PBS


Nathan explains the anatomy of track saws; Mark repoints an outdoor pizza oven; The Ask This Old House team comes together for a 20th Anniversary "What Is It?"

Guest Starts :

Meghan Leathers, Noah Harpster, Nate Corddry, David Chandler, Daniel David Stewart, Madeline Bertani, Jessica Tuck, Lev Gorn, Vera Cherny, John Hartmann, Alexander Sokovikov, Robert Bailey Jr., Pawel Szajda, Amol Shah, Anne Beyer, Nick Boraine, Ayinde Howell, Goran Ivanovski, Ilza Ponko, Randy Oglesby, Mandy Levin, Casey Feigh, Chris Gann, Vlad Pavlov, Delaney Claire Evans, Parker Reese Evans