Big Sky

Family Matters

(Season 2, Episode 17)

Series: Big Sky

Air Date: 2022-05-12

Language: English

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller


A concerned Jenny searches for Travis while Scarlett, desperate to protect her daughter, Phoebe, makes an unexpected phone call that could change the course of more than one life. Elsewhere, tensions rise at the Bhullar ranch when Jag finds out the truth about his father and Travis' identity is revealed, leading Alicia to advise Veer it may be time to step down.

Guest Starts :

Brian Landis Folkins, Monica Sanchez, Ramona King, Marlon Cunningham, Dallas Roberts, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Ryan O'Nan, Zoë Noelle Baker, Esodie Geiger, Bernard White, Patrick Gallagher, Vinny Chhibber, Constance Zimmer