Mare of Easttown

Poor Sisyphus

(Season 1, Episode 4)

Series: Mare of Easttown

Air Date: 2021-05-09

Language: English

Genre: Crime, Drama


With Mare forced to take a backseat on the case, Colin presses a local priest about the vague circumstances that prompted his transfer to the parish. Meanwhile, an anonymous call gives Dawn hope that Katie might still be alive.

Guest Starts :

Madeline Weinstein, Brooke Stacy Mills, Jeremy Gabriel, Debbie Campbell, Brian Anthony Wilson, Russ Widdall, Jeb Kreager, Sasha Frolova, Izzy King, Cody Kostro, Dominique Johnson, Rose Decker, Ruby Cruz, Cameron Mann, Jack Mulhern, Chinasa Ogbuagu, Kiah McKirnan, Ned Eisenberg, Deborah Hedwall, Eisa Davis, Caitlin Houlahan, Justin Hurtt-Dunkley, Katie Kreisler